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Originally Posted by Oversize View Post
Looks very nice and a great colour combo! So is it your car, or are you doing the work for the owner? Whatís the interior and dash look like? Well done addressing those issues. Iíd look at the coolant too since the engine is all alloy.

Itís not the first 126 Iíve seen with Simmons wheels. There is a 500SEL around the corner with the B45 style which looked really good. Funny it was also navy blue...
Itís my car, got it about 2 weeks ago. Have been driving it almost daily as my brother has borrowed my 300SE while his BMW is in the shop.

Interior is pretty good but not perfect. Dash is uncracked. Will take a photo or two later in the week.

In some ways I donít mind the look of the Simmons wheels but they are just too wide and rub on the guards during spirited driving. Have 245 rubber on them that is quite good so hoping to get some cash back with the sale of these wheels.

A few things on the car has surprised me. Firstly it has never had the AC converted to R134A as far as I can tell. Obviously not working now. Also it has the good HV manifolds on the drivers side but on the passengers side an AU delivery manifold complete with EGR has been fitted.
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