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Default Re: Motoring Nostalgia - Oldtime Videos

Jowett Javelin and Jupiter - Rootes Part 1

Interesting insight into thinking of the '50s. Regards Styria

Jowett Javelin - Jupiter - Rootes Part 2

Back in 1958, arriving from Austria, we were living, and sharing a house with a Hungarian Family. Well, we had one bedroom, I was sharing another bedroom with their son - an absolute a..hole of a boy, and we were located at Drummoyne. It was not long before we looked for alternative accomodation, this time at Hunters Hill. The Estate Agent came to pick us up in - you guessed it - a Humber Super Snipe. It was extraordinarily beautiful and quiet and , as a fifteen year old, it left a lasting impression. It was a 1956 model, with the long guards and bonnet. Regards Styria

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