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HEY MICHEL , what a great post , it started before i know you or join TK ( i wish i did earlier , i passed several chances to VISIT LEBENON for the same silly MEDIA claiming unsafe COUNTRY till we face worse situation here in EGYPT post january 25th 2011 , my wife went several times (with work and meetings) but i passed since i didn't imagine how nice LEBANON is, MY BAD.

One freind of me keep a flat and an SLK there and go everytime he can , i didn't understand it is that nice , again my bad.

EVEN my young son had to go last year to attend competition with his school as a swim team member and he won couple of GOLD medals LOL

I don't know but people talk about SOLIDAIR area as stunning place and about BUDDAH BAR and the BMW X5 are the common street cars as rentals

I like the architectual and this PHOTOS since i'm am a civil engineer by proffession and easly impressed by stunning churches and mosques ,

just asked now my wife about the HARISSA lady of Lebanon and oh boy she said it is huge , i only saw the one in BRAZIL in REO in photos , never saw the one in LEBANON before.

THANKS MICHEL for the FERRARI and sharing the trip photos with us.


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