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One of the main issues, re the alarming falling sales are that Holden cannot or will not match the types of warranties, and capped price servicing offered by the Koreans.
Even the Japanese canít match them.

Nearly every OEM will offer only 12 months bumper to bumper on cars and trucks, out of the factory, this will even include tyres and batteries in most cases, but after this, the selling country will subvent the cost of the extended warranties & free servicing.
After 12 months, battery, and tyre issues are directed straight to the manufacturer.

The Chinese are offering huge extended warranties, some even offer free servicing and road side assist at no extra charge for the length of the warranty.
Some are up to 7 years.

This is what people are looking for, anything that does not cost the owner extra, while owning the car.

In the truck world, we are offering a 1.5% finance rate on a $300k truck at the moment, but if the warranty, and some type of free, or capped servicing isnít included as well, they are simply not interested.
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