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Default Re: New 17 & 18 Barocks

Look better than the 18" monoblocks I have on the 55.

Having said, that I am not really a fan of low profile tires.
I guess that is due to the ride I became used to in my 6.9, with 15" wheels and 65% higher profile tires, and the rougher surfaces that they can negotiate.

On the other hand I do like the 'glued to the road' (smooth bitumen surface only) feeling of the 35% tires, but I am no so keen on the hard ride quality, and the need for 38 psi front and 40psi on the rears. Low profile tires are awful on dirt roads, with less grip and horrible ride.

I will drive my C280 (or even my Hyundai i20), on dirt roads instead.
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