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Default Re: 2016 Cadillac ATS-V

Originally Posted by Styria View Post
How close is Cadillac in particular, and General Motors in general, to the established Germans ? The styling, of course, is an individual preference, whilst the interior probably would not stand up to the best that other "Super" Saloons are able to offer. However, from a dynamical point of view, the Cadillac runs the Germans very close. I am not sure how the price compares with that of the Europeans, but dare I say that this Cadillac represents excellent value ? You be the judge. Maybe also, this is an example of what we can expect in Australia once Holden closes its manufacturing doors. Regards Styria
If Cadillac is ever going to return as a prestige marque then someone needs to keelhaul the interior decorator - it doesn't look so much different from a bread and butter Buick ....
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