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Styria 15th July 2011 03:50 PM

6.9 Every Day Driver
Some of you would be aware that Gleaming Beauty, my 6.9, has been my daily driver since purchase sixteen years ago - well, except for the last ten months when she's been in 'hospital' (! :o), and another six months spell probably about ten years ago when she was attired in her new MB 870 Petrol livery.

I've also had another 6.9, christened Wilhelm by her new owner ChrisP., who now resides in WA, and and this Astral Silver car was also used as a daily driver by my partner for a period of about four to five years.

The question often posed relates to reliability and whether, in fact, these cars are reliable enough to be used as daily drivers. My answer is an emphatic "Yes". Obviously cost of petrol needs to be of consideration especially in peak hour traffic, and I have to admit that under those conditions the 6.9, and probably also the 450, would have to have some question mark noted along their names. Other than that, however, and with some maintenance, these cars will just keep on going. From the threads on the webpage, it will be evident that both of my cars had their heads removed, with GB sporting a bad water leak that mixed with engine oil, whilst Wilhelm's work was carried out as a matter of routine.

This brings me to the "Red Terror" owned by Michel. He has been kind enough to make his car available whilst GB was in hospital and again I can say quite unequivocally that the car has performed faultlessly as an every day driver. In ten months, I changed engine oil and filter on two occasions, fitted Platinum spark plugs, obviously kept an eye on mechanicals and that's been about it. I don't think that anyone could ask for better....and obviously, it never let me down. Regards Styria

N.B. This subject matter has been covered previously as per additional thread.

260ebenz 15th July 2011 08:51 PM

Re: 6.9 Every Day Driver
Hi Styria sounds like the GB project is coming along well.

Gotta see photos of GB when the car is fully complete.

All the best with the GB project!

Cheers mate.

c107 2nd October 2020 06:56 AM

Re: 6.9 Every Day Driver
To resurrect and old post.

Back in 2011, it wasn't uncommon to see these old Benz's doing daily duties.

Now, it is very rare. There are still a few W123s and W126's doing daily duties, but nearly all the W116's that are out there do occasional duty, especially 6.9s.

aussie 6.9 2nd October 2020 08:30 PM

Re: 6.9 Every Day Driver
As the years go by less of them are I regular use. My 6.9 is on full rego and is used weekly. Enjoyed a 1000 k round trip to wgga last week with no problems.
Let's hope plenty of people do the same sort of thing. Regards Mark

c107 2nd October 2020 08:50 PM

Re: 6.9 Every Day Driver

Originally Posted by aussie 6.9 (Post 76155)
As the years go by less of them are I regular use. My 6.9 is on full rego and is used weekly. Enjoyed a 1000 k round trip to wgga last week with no problems.
Let's hope plenty of people do the same sort of thing. Regards Mark

Thats good to hear. These cars thrive on regular use and run much better when not left sitting.

Styria 3rd October 2020 06:00 PM

Re: 6.9 Every Day Driver
It is now about seven to eight years since "Gleaming Beauty" was resprayed by Michel's Jerry, and it is very appropriate to say that, overall, he carried out a very acceptable and professional job. As a rule, I don't like doing things half half and consequently it was more than just a respray of the exterior. Originally, the doors were a little average in condition and some very small areas of rust, but what convinced me to replace all four doors on account of their interior condition, meaning behind the door trims, as well as Bailey Channelling and the aluminium strips around the window frames. In addition, the car had been resprayed on two occasions previously and I just wanted to start afresh.

Thus, I had four completely rustfree doors that came off a low mileage 6.9, Aussie delivered with the safety bars that were mandatory at the time on Australian delivered 6.9s. I stripped them completely inside and out and had fresh paint applied to ALL areas, inside and out. There was also the small matter of quite tired front guards, full of holes where previous owners had fitted wheel arch moulds at various times, and the amount of unsightly holes was a complete turn-off for me. So, from the same Aussie 6.9, I plundered the two front guards as well as the bonnet - all panels in perfect condition, and none of them holes you know where.....wheel arch moulds had never been fitted. I also commandered the boot lid from the same car - again in great condition and all replacement panels were sprayed off the car - making a thorough change of colour relatively simple. Jerry also resprayed all interior areas as I had completely stripped the interior of the car. The amount of time on my part was extraordinary, but all worth it in the long run. At the time, I also changed colours in the engine bay and, of course, decided that I wanted a duo tone paint scheme. MB877 and a hand chosen lightish, soft grey. Now, why am I telling you all this ? Well, GB had been my daily driver for many years when Petrol was relatively cheap and I only did small mileages. Subsequently, over the years the price of Petrol crept up and I became involved with the use of different cars, such as the Honda Jazz, a 420SE and now my Holden Captiva.

This has meant that GB was really no longer used as an everyday driver, and in the last eight years, I have put on about eight thousand kilometers/miles - not sure which right at this moment, and thanks to the generosity of Anthony (abl567), GB has been stored under cover for much of this time, performing sterling service for, do you know what, testing of the hydraulic suspension systems. More of that later, in another thread. Since we have commenced testing, GB has been started God only knows how many times over a period of two years, and I have encountered absolutely no problems, It always starts instantly, the battery (Supercharge) has never failed, the spark plugs have NEVER fouled up, the engine runs cleanly and in all this time, I have only ever wire brushed the Platinum plugs once. To me, all this means perfect reliability as long as all systems are maintained in good condition. Change Engine Oil and Filter (I use Nulon full synthetic), clean petrol, fuel filter that operates well, Spark Plugs of course, high tension leads and perfect quality suppressors, clean rotor button tip and a well maintained Distributor Cap, and you have yourself a perfectly every day driver vehicle.

In closing, I maintain that a 6.9 can be used as an everyday driver, as long as you can procure the necessary spare parts and KNOW how to service and maintain the various Hydraulic Suspension components. More of that last subject a little later. Regards Styria

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