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c107 13th February 2020 04:31 PM

Used Hatchback/Wagon
My brother in law had his car written off in the big storms recently. He has a budget of 18k to spend and is looking for a big hatch or small station wagon. He is looking at cars that are a couple of years old. Previously he had a corolla and if Toyota brought the wagon version in that would be his choice. Maintenance cost is priority 1 and fuel efficiency priority 2. Must be auto or CVT (no manuals).
Would prefer not a turbo. Prefers petrol over diesel. Prefers 2wd over awd.

One model that caught his eye was a VW Golf wagon. Sean I remember you liked your golf but indicated there were engines/transmissions to avoid.

Any thoughts on that model or other suggestions?

abl567 13th February 2020 05:07 PM

Re: Used Hatchback/Wagon
Hi Bryce,
I have my inner city dwelling Niece's 2016 92TSI Golf 5 door auto at my factory now to sell for her. It has 39K's, she want's it gone. Lives in Potts Point and works at Mr Wong so has no further need.
Other than being always serviced by VW she's neglected the poor thing, scrapes on each corner and a good whack on the sill between the front and rear drivers side doors from a car park kerb. Not a hard hit but it's unsightly. The window switches on the drivers side only work for the rear windows and the passengers side seat has had bleach stains. Mummy and Daddy spoil her.
Market value seems to be about $16-17K, I think I could convince her to accept $11k or even $10k
A good service, some attention from Michel and Jerry, a solid detail and It'd be a great car for about $13K all in.
Just a thought.
Rego expires in May

sean sherry 13th February 2020 07:12 PM

Re: Used Hatchback/Wagon
Hatchback Golf is a Station Wagon in disguise.... My manual 2015 with 19,000 Ks and no blemishes, and two and a half years old, was valued at $12,000 as a trade on a new Camry. I sold it privately for $14,500. Only two inquiries, with only one genuine Buyer.
Used Cars now drop like a stone ... Out of Warranty very hard to find a buyer.
That's why I sold the Golf with a balance of Factory to entice a Buyer.

sean sherry 13th February 2020 07:23 PM

Re: Used Hatchback/Wagon
P.S. my C Class, top of the line, with all the bells and whistles, 2011 year with only 75000 Ks Log Books and unblemished Body and Interior was valued at $8000 as a Trade in on a VW Caddy priced at $37,000. Merc was E:(ighty Grand new !

Again, Used Cars have little value when a new $20,000 whatever, with Airbags ,Crumple Zones and 5 Star Crash Rating and some with a 7 year Warranty ...there is no contest !

c107 13th February 2020 07:25 PM

Re: Used Hatchback/Wagon
Thanks Sean and Ant.
They like the wagon because it has a bit extra room for their pram etc.
Since they don't drive manual I have been reading about the expensive of fixing the DSG transmission. I think the Mazda six wagon might be a better bet.

Patrick_R 13th February 2020 08:41 PM

Re: Used Hatchback/Wagon
You gents may remember my saying when buying cars for kids, (or their mates) that usually then can’t afford to look after them after the purchase.

“Japanese or Korean, never European”

I went this way years ago, as guess who was the one charged with fixing the car, and generally paying for the parts as well, me!!! Sigh.

So sticking to this, I never had any breakdowns, or things just stop working, just good ole basic maintenance.

My sons first car was a Mazda 323. My daughters first a Kia Rio.
Never put a spammer on either of them, except for service work.

sean sherry 14th February 2020 08:04 AM

Re: Used Hatchback/Wagon
Bryce check out the Engine issues with the Mazda 6

c107 14th February 2020 08:46 AM

Re: Used Hatchback/Wagon

Originally Posted by sean sherry (Post 74375)
Bryce check out the Engine issues with the Mazda 6

Thanks Sean - do you have any more details? not finding much conclusive on some google searches.

sean sherry 16th February 2020 12:20 PM

Re: Used Hatchback/Wagon
Usually the information is on Recalls in Google. eg the Series 3 Mazda has had many recalls ....

c107 16th February 2020 01:18 PM

Re: Used Hatchback/Wagon

Originally Posted by sean sherry (Post 74389)
Usually the information is on Recalls in Google. eg the Series 3 Mazda has had many recalls ....

thanks - I am seeing a lot of recalls on mazda diesel engines, not so much on the 2.5 petrol.

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