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daantjie 2nd May 2015 02:19 AM

Noise from valve train - 6.9
Hi guys

Posted on the M100 forum as well, but thought I would see if there is perhaps a new perspective to my very annoying valve train noise on my 6.9.

All the more frustrating as the motor is buttery smooth and full of power otherwise, just this annoying "tap tap tap", as well it is intermittent, so it will cycle on for about 3 - 4 seconds, then goes quiet for another 3 - 4, then repeats the cycle. Appears to be coming from the LHS bank front (close to the chain), though I can't be 100% sure, tried listening with long screwdriver, not much help.

I have just completed replacement of all 16 lifters, and you guessed it, the noise is still there and just as annoying, even more so now as I am out of pocket $700 for the parts, ARGH! All the clearance were within spec, checked with my "go no go" gauge, or pretty close to the edge, but I think OK.

Any thoughts?


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