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sean sherry 30th January 2018 06:05 PM

Seat Air Bladders
One of my favourite TV Programs is Restoration from Canada ( The Guild ? )
Their workmanship is second to none. Today's program involved finishing the Restoration of a 1930 French Car. problem was the Air Bladder filled Seat Cushions were long gone, rotted away. No longer available was the cry.... well I do remember our family Car in the mid Thirties had Air Bladder seat cushions ... an Austin Seven Chummy, probably a late twenties Model. With England still the land of re-production Bits I would bet that some one is still making them.
This is one of the few benefits of the ageing process . a long memory from long ago.

sean sherry 30th January 2018 06:13 PM

Re: Seat Air Bladders
This was in Ireland. Also many Austin Seven Ruby's through the Thirties with Air Bladder Seat Cushions ( ? )

Styria 30th January 2018 06:43 PM

Re: Seat Air Bladders
Well Sean, one could use two Hot Water bottles side by side - I reckon they'd make an extremely comfortable alternative to upholstery sponge and, whatsmore, you would be paying homage to the old dart and the products it manufactured all that many years ago. It's a no-brainer.:D Regards Styria

260ebenz 30th January 2018 08:01 PM

Re: Seat Air Bladders
Small world I was watching the same Restoration Garage episode last night.

The car in question was a 4cyl Schneider from memory?

To recover the seats was wait for it $15000 each I hope that figure is correct?

I do like the Resto Garage show some of the cars that roll in and out of the Guild and the workmanship is something else!

The Guild’s co-owner Larry Byrnes sure does have an expensive & rare collection of cars and not short of a crust either whch always helps when restoring & owning such cars good luck to him!

The second series does not feature Jay one of the metal fabricators or Thomas who was working as the manager.

sean sherry 31st January 2018 06:13 AM

Re: Seat Air Bladders
I like your Hot Water Bottle solution Styria ! Think outside the Box.

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