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Styria 12th March 2020 06:50 PM

BMW Concepts
At last year's concours d'elegance I was really quite impressed with some of the BMWs on display - to be sure, there were some really exciting offerings. So, this one has come to light - not for long, still interesting however. Look.


Regards Styria

N.B. Isn't there a similar looking Mercedes now with all of that funky look ? I have forgotten its name. Starts with the letter E - Ecelero ?

Patrick_R 12th March 2020 11:19 PM

Re: BMW Concepts
Hi Styria,
That link or shortcut looks like its linked to something on your PC.

Styria 13th March 2020 05:24 AM

Re: BMW Concepts
Hi Patrick, it would seem that at this point of time I am unable to show some of my files in MY DOCUMENTS. I MAY HAVE TO WORK OUT HOW I CAN POSSIBLY TRANSFER SOME OF THE CONTENTS to another folder located ELSEWHERE and then perhaps copy and paste from that area.

I'll just have to see how this would pan out. I have some great content full of interest and it would be nice to be able to show them on TK. Regards Styria

c107 13th March 2020 05:57 AM

Re: BMW Concepts
You will need to attach the file to TK.

Styria 13th March 2020 03:59 PM

Re: BMW Concepts
I thought I had done that. Obviously I haven't. So, the big, relevant question - how do I do it ? As I said, I have many great videos that I wouldn't mind transferring to TK. Regards Styria

Patrick_R 13th March 2020 07:23 PM

Re: BMW Concepts
Your collection would be very interesting Styria, thatís for sure.

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