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sean sherry 8th March 2020 08:33 AM

chasing Noise knocks
After replacing faulty Ball Joints and Sway Bar Links an annoying Knock over my Driveway still persisted Everything re -checked twice. nothing. Then a last gasp ... check the four bolts attaching the whole Suspension to the Chassis. Right side rear Bolt went up a half turn .. the others were tight. Problem solved after many weeks.
C Class W204 with a reputation of front Suspension noises...Struts .. sway bar Links and upper strut links with a ball joint.
Strangely our similar Mileage C 200 W204 has had no such issues. The C250 has 18 inch Wheels ????:)

Styria 8th March 2020 03:33 PM

Re: chasing Noise knocks
Sean, did you actually get under the car yourself ? If you have, that's a great effort - or did you get wifey to do the honours ? Whichever, it's a good outcome. I've got one of those rumblers in the right front end of the Captiva. Nothing to worry about, as a similar sort of incidence was taken care of by a routine six months service (on the left side).

BTW, digressing - any opinion on using synthetic Trannie Oil - the guy at the Shop said that Auto four speeders need a different oil to the five speeders. Interested in your opinion. Regards Styria

sean sherry 9th March 2020 05:57 AM

Re: chasing Noise knocks
Suspension Bolts accessed on a Four Post Hoist Michael. Transmission Oils are all blended to suit the Friction coefficient of the material of the Clutch Plates, that is my belief. e.g., in some cases the blend was altered to cure a Torque Converter Clutch shudder issue.:)

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