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Styria 19th January 2020 02:42 PM

S Class Mercedes - all ages
A very sober look at two S-Class models. I appreciate that we all have differing opinions, but I appreciate this man's candour in his assessment of the two models. Regards Styria

N.B. Apologies - unable to raise the video right at this moment. Have now got it.


Styria 18th March 2020 06:14 PM

Re: S Class Mercedes - all ages
The S430 and S500 - what are the costs of owning one of these beautiful models. Regards Styria

BTW, I still have to properly view the video in full.

Patrick_R 23rd March 2020 11:41 PM

Re: S Class Mercedes - all ages

After owning two S Class, I feel they can certainly cope with some neglect, from uncaring owners.
The extremely high build quality of the S Class is evident when you work on one.

If caught in time, these can be rectified fairly cheaply.

The S 430 was a good case. I did brakes and rotors all round, 4 tyres, a new radiator with both hoses and a full service with all filters.
All parts were aftermarket, and were of extremely high quality.
Excluding tyres, all this cost me just over $900
The labour of course was free.
The tyres were $170 each.

I think an S Class can be run cheaply, as long as it is brought back to health fully, with no short cuts.
Of course after this, just keep a keen ear and eye on it, and things that may surface, will be caught early.

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