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Styria 16th February 2020 02:13 PM

Steam Trains
Whilst on the subject of Railways, whether Model or Real, the following video represents an absolute smorgasbord for the Steam Locomotive enthusiast. Who can forget (well, I don't) listening to a locomotive under full pressure and steam gathering up speed on slight inclines. One of the properties I lived in as a little kid had just such situations that I have referred to - i.e. noisy, heavy steam and the shrill whistle of its warning whistle.

My little legs would work overtime getting to the fence and looking at those mighty locomotives making their way towards me. I'll never forget the experience. Regards Styria

Styria 17th February 2020 05:48 PM

Re: Steam Trains
The beginning or, indeed, the end of civilization ? I have previously posted a video of a train journey and it may indeed have been on a trip in Eritrea. I am just not quite sure right at this moment. I have to admit that somewhat of an adventure, the unknown, and what is to be discovered, that rumbles around between my ears and that I feel needs to be discovered. I can't get there personally, nor would I want to So, videos are a more than a suitable substitute.

I find this video, as simple as it is, quite rewarding. I hope some of you guys will to. Regards STYRIA

Patrick_R 17th February 2020 07:16 PM

Re: Steam Trains
Fantastic videos Styria.

Anything that is steam driven, and coal fired interests me big time.

The miniature rail network, is simply mind blowing.

If they wanted to make the video experience even better, they could take a leaf out of the geniuses (or is that Genii) that filmed Thunderbirds back in the 60’s.
They had a perfect way of making miniatures look full size, and more importantly make them look like normal movement and speed.
But that’s a story for another day.

The video of Eritrea is fantastic.
What a full colour image of something direct from the 1930’s.

If it was shot in black & white, it wouldn’t look out of place at all.
The video is shot very well, with the cameraman finding some great vantage points.

Thank you for bringing these to our attention Styria.
These were a great time out from cars.

I will start another thread for another steam driven vehicle close to my heart.

Styria 20th February 2020 04:13 PM

Re: Steam Trains
Thanks for your words of encouragement and appreciation. With TK languishing to a certain degree, I endeavour to introduce some different features in the hope that some others will appreciate and respond to them. After all, lets talk and exchange likes and, for that matter, dislikes.

The first video, Patrick, is really quite remarkable. Here you have the spectacle of three steam locos showing off their features, plus an Electric locomotive probably going back to the fifties or sixties taking part in the spectacle. I think it is great how you have trains travelling in the same direction side by side, and I also like the topography and the picturesque swiss countryside taking me back to my European trips in 2005 and 2008 which, for me after an absence of almost fifty years, represented a real homecoming to the country where I migrated from. Well, it wasn't Switzerland, but Austria is pretty close.

I remember when, in 1957, we were visiting a small city by the name of Hallein, some fifty kilometres on the southern side of Salzburg, and I would rush to the station early in the morning and watch trains approaching the station but not stopping. In those days, the trains were already electrified and you could hear the howl of the Electric motors even when you couldn't see the train approaching from afar and then passing you at about 160 in a cloud of dust. It was worth every minute of my time. Regards Styria

Oversize 20th February 2020 05:16 PM

Re: Steam Trains
I've always loved steam trains with the R Class Hudson & H Class Heavy Harry being my all time favorites! Their steam whistles cannot be matched by any other loco here or OS! Oh I can't forget the V Line streamliner which was based on a R Class, but sadly no longer exists....

Oversize 20th February 2020 06:22 PM

Re: Steam Trains
The V Line stream liner was a beautiful Art Deco design & itís very sad it didnít survive, but I heard the farings made the boiler overheat, which is hardly a good thing for a steam loco!!

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