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Styria 4th March 2019 06:06 AM

New E-Peugeot 208
As an aside, you've got to ask yourself how Tesla will survive the imminent onslaught from rival manufacturers that are now getting into fully operational Electric cars. This is the new 2019 Peugeot.

They say it takes about thirty minutes to recharge to 80% from a commercial outlet. How many of those are there, say in NSW ? ...and each one that you might find, how many cars could be awaiting their turn to charge up the battery ? It could be a very frustrating exercise.

The car itself, styling and interior wise, is a little honey. Mind you, in silhouette form, it could be a Hyundai Kona, probably not such a bad move. Anyway, it will be interesting to see where all this ends up - perhaps on a huge mountain of coal which the authorities in this country don't want. Regards Styria

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