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c107 30th January 2019 08:29 AM

Re: 560sec ece

Originally Posted by Styria (Post 70145)
Hi Bryce, have just come across this thread. Remember, I had no internet for two months thanks to my friendly and efficient server Optus, and as well you hadn't mentioned the car to me previously - not that you had to.

I got it back in about Sept/Oct. We discussed it breifly at the RR event, but tht was a while back now! At the time you were hoping to have your internet back to check it out on TK, but optus screwed you around for months!


Originally Posted by Patrick R
A couple of questions.
Where did you buy the gears to fix your odometer?
What do you use to condition your seats?
I have heard that the cam lobe oiler tubes are important to change also?
Can valve guide seals be done without removing the heads?

I got my gears from, they seem the cheapest. Best if you dismantle your instrument cluster first to check what gears you have to get the right ones.

I use Zymol, as I find it works well and is well priced per bottle.

On the tubes, interesting, i've always just heard the ends. I will check on this.

The seals can be done without removing the heads, but the guides need the heads removed. I am hoping seals will be enough.

c107 1st February 2019 09:16 AM

Re: 560sec ece
Got the 560 back with the fuel hose fixed. Cost $140 so I am satisfied with that. It would have taken me hours and hours to do it myself.

The place I took it to mostly has BMWs in there, but the guy used to work for Mercedes back when these cars were new.

Need to look at that kick down cable o ring. Has anyone done this before?

Patrick_R 1st February 2019 10:12 PM

Re: 560sec ece
Thanks for the reply Bryce.

Keen to hear your findings.

c107 2nd February 2019 10:27 AM

Re: 560sec ece
Had a few minutes this morning so fixed something that was annoying me, a broken visor clip.

Changed the wiper blades too, makes a big difference.

I also had another go at removing the chrome wheel arch trims. I really don't like them but they are glued on so tight I will probably ruin the paint removing them. :mad:

c107 2nd February 2019 07:52 PM

Re: 560sec ece
I think this o-ring may be my leak. Looks fiddly but do-able

Patrick_R 3rd February 2019 09:07 AM

Re: 560sec ece
I have seen some horrible paint and panel damage done to a Silver Shadow removing chrome wheelarch moulds.

I would leave them be mate.

c107 3rd February 2019 10:05 AM

Re: 560sec ece

Originally Posted by Patrick_R (Post 70257)
I have seen some horrible paint and panel damage done to a Silver Shadow removing chrome wheelarch moulds.

I would leave them be mate.

yeah I was coming to a similar conclusion. Looks like I am stuck with them.

Patrick_R 3rd February 2019 11:32 AM

Re: 560sec ece
If your paint is original, heating in small sections may work, if not, I’ve seen it rip paint off.

The panel beaters I use for trucks use a 2 person method.
Heat (but most times used cold) and use heavy fishing line with 2 small t handles tied to each end (like a survival wire wood saw) and use the fishing line to “saw” up and down following the direction of the trim or badge.

I hope the description sounds ok.

It takes forever, so X 4 would probably put me off.

c107 11th February 2019 10:43 AM

Re: 560sec ece

Originally Posted by Patrick_R (Post 70153)
Great looking car Bryce.

I have heard that the cam lobe oiler tubes are important to change also?

Many thanks in advance.

My car has gone in to have this work done today and I asked about the tubes, apparently its just the ends that need doing.

Its covered pretty well here:

Patrick_R 11th February 2019 01:53 PM

Re: 560sec ece
Hi Bryce,

Good video, please let us know how the job went, seems a pretty quick job on each bank.

Are you still getting the valve stem seals done also?

c107 22nd February 2019 07:13 PM

Re: 560sec ece
The timing chain job is almost done, I went by the workshop today as I had left something in the car that I needed this weekend.

The old valve stem seals were very hard, so hopefully my car will no longer be smoking.

even worse was the broken guide that was like a ticking time bomb. Even though my guides were not too discoloured one of them was broken.

Good news is that all timing marks line up, so I can assume the lower sproket is not worn.

Styria 23rd February 2019 04:13 PM

Re: 560sec ece

Originally Posted by abl567 (Post 69402)
Coffee coloured guides are not a good sign as I recall, even if the chain is ok I'd be thinking about doing the guides and tensioner.

I was going to say exactly the same thing probably two months down the track from the previous post - plus the mileage is fairly high. For what it's worth. Regards Styria

N.B. Having now read all of the thread and the work you have had carried out, my post is superfluous. I take my hat off to you in relation to the methodical manner in which you tackle all of the jobs. Well done, and I hope the car will form a long term addition to your fleet of cars.

SEL_69L 23rd February 2019 11:01 PM

Re: 560sec ece
Bryce, from what I have been told, your 560 has covered quite some distance.

After reviewing this thread, I can't find anything regarding that a compression test has been done, that may indicate engine wear.
Valve stem seals have been replaced.
It follows that a compression test should reveal that things have improved, but cylinder bore and piston ring wear may still be a problem.

Might still be worth doing a compression test. Not much extra expense involved.

c107 24th February 2019 09:11 AM

Re: 560sec ece
Compression test is probably worth doing although I have not seen sympoms of engine wear so far.
- mileage is 164k mi which is pretty low for one of these
- I've not seen anything that would indicate bad rings or bores
- Camshafts look in good condition, making me thing it was serviced correctly

Patrick_R 24th February 2019 09:18 AM

Re: 560sec ece
Hi Bryce.
You mentioned that one of the guides was broken.
Did you have to remove that head to rectify it?

Did you do the valve guide seals yourself?

Many thanks.

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