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Styria 1st January 2011 11:19 AM

107s - flavour of the New Year
Honestly, please click onto e_result_group&ct=title&resnum=1&ved=0CCQQsAQwAA&b iw=1580&bih=675 this link. The pictures are marvellous, the amount of reading material is copious and informative. Again, try and take the time. No credit to be extended to me - I just simply found it and liked it. Enjoy. Styria

N.B. Not sure if this referral works, but someone, anybody more conversant with computer procedures, could they please help out.

Tony66_au 1st January 2011 11:30 AM

Re: 107s - flavour of the New Year
You mean click HERE

SEL_69L 1st January 2011 09:49 PM

Re: 107s - flavour of the New Year
I have a w116, and it is a very pleasing car to look at, but to me the prettiest Mercedes has always been the W107 coupe, in particular, the 500SLC.

Styria 2nd January 2011 05:36 AM

Re: 107s - flavour of the New Year

Originally Posted by Tony66_au (Post 25649)
You mean click HERE

Tony, thanks a million. You gotta tell me (soon !) how on earth you did this. I really think it is one of the most informative picture galleries of the venerable 107 series - you could spend hours as there are, I think, at least ten pages of pictures. Again, thanks a lot.

BTW, I admit to never really having liked the 107s that much from a driving point of view. I felt that I would always sit too low having to peer over the steering wheel so to speak, and the drive train was only just so so. I guess if I owned one and got to know the model better, I could change my mind.

What really made me sit up and take notice was Michel's 500SL -the seamless, never ending power, and the glorious sound that came with it, was something you don't forget in a hurry. More on this in the thread that's elsewhere. Regards Styria

260ebenz 2nd January 2011 10:03 AM

Re: 107s - flavour of the New Year
I once sat in my next door neighbours 1985 380SL Mercedes what a beautiful car I really admire the W107 Mercedes they look and feel very well built and solid!

Okay then we does the W123, W124 and W126 Mercedes get a mention hopefully not next year?


Fotografa 28th January 2011 02:02 PM

Re: 107s - flavour of the New Year
Nice to see my car is pictured on page 3.

Styria 29th January 2011 03:46 PM

Re: 107s - flavour of the New Year
Hi Fotografa, which one is it ? Just as a matter of interest, next time when we are at the same location, I would like to meet you. Presently, even if I fell over you, I wouldn't know your identity.

I don't know what you think of this particular thread. I'd have to look again, but there are at least eight pages of photographs, and most of the cars featured give you details of web sites and a huge number of exploratory links. There is just so much to explore and see - if you make the time. Regards Styria

Fotografa 29th January 2011 07:50 PM

Re: 107s - flavour of the New Year
Oh, look, I've now moved up to page 2!

it's the black car in this one here:

The Milan Brown example belongs to Maurice, who I bought the black car from, it is actually chassis number 2769, the last 107026 off the production line.

The green 450SLC 5.0 belongs to Steve Guilford, who is recognised as the current guru of all things 026!

Michael, you might ruin my status as an international man of mystery. ;)

Unfortunately (or fortunately on a lot of levels) I don't get to as many 'do's' as I used to, with a 3 months old baby on the go.

However, I will make sure that when I am next out at something that may or might involve some MB crowd, I will give you advance warning.

I will likely be the skinny bloke in the black 500SLC t-Shirt. ;)

Styria 31st January 2011 06:43 AM

Re: 107s - flavour of the New Year
Yep Shane, I'd look forward to that. Tell us a bit more about your SLC 5 liter - it looks particularly nice, but the photos don't provide too many clues. You may wish to post (or reply) in the 107 section of the forum, having regard to the fact that the present thread is not normally accessed through the forum section - as I have indicated, Admin. may be able to rectify this anomaly. We had already spoken about this not all that long ago. Regards Styria

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