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25th August 2010, 07:43 AM
There was just no way that one could ignore some of the Italian beauties.....

Alfa Romeo Montreal - 2.5 liter V8 mid mounted and exclusively styled.


Alfa Romeo 2600 Coupe - how very rare, but not as rare as the corresponding Berlina model of the same vintage. So rare is the Berlina that the owner of the Coupe was not aware that the Company made the Saloon model, yet he had a photo copy of the Wokshop Manual which showed a small picture of the Berlina. I was going to buy a Saloon probably twenty five to thirty years ago, but chickened out on account of the rare engine and the potential cost of repairs. The owner ventured details regarding top overhaul gasket set - a cool $800.00 ! BTW, the owner of that 2600 Coupe is pictured in the previous photograph - with Workshop Manual in hand.



How pretty is this little beauty - it was part of the Concours judging...


You may already have seen this one - too bad :D I think it's worth a repeat..


An extremely pretty Lancia Fulvia by Zagato - and very rare to boot. You just couldn't pass it up !


Another Zagato of the same ilk - no longer that rare ? Ah well, this is a Lancia - the previous one was an Alfa Rolmeo.



...................and then there was this Flavia 2 liter Coupe - in my opinion, slightly misstyled in its appearance and stance on the road.


Another Zagato - surely not - I must admit to a memory loss.


Not Italian, but a very rare Leyland Force 7 - it's a car I probably saw at the British All Day last year.


Regards Styria

25th August 2010, 01:44 PM
Great photos Styria.

Where there any Peugeot's on display on Sunday a 505 or 604 Peugeot?

Cheers Slim.

25th August 2010, 04:39 PM
Ah the Flavia!! One of the prettiest cars on the road. Ask a man who owned one...:D:D:D

26th August 2010, 07:38 AM
Alfa Romeo Montreal.:rolleyes:

I once owned one of those (not for very long).

Very impressive and true autostrada cruiser.

27th August 2010, 03:37 AM
Ah the Flavia!! One of the prettiest cars on the road. Ask a man who owned one...:D:D:D

I knew it would make your heart beat faster. Was it in fact a Coupe that you owned ? I tend to compare them with the Fiat 2300S which I thought was a better proportioned looking car. Mind you, you couldn't drive one - the steering was impossibly heavy. Somewhat like turning the steering on a 6.9 with engine off and the car stationary ! Regards Styria