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20th April 2010, 03:44 AM
It is in German, but again there is a host of information to browse through..
Regards Styria

20th May 2010, 07:10 AM
Yet another German website by the name of "Classic Driver". It is obviously in German, but using the Google Toolbar with the "Translate" facility, will enable you to read the text in English. I have chosen a car for sale, namely a 450SEL 6.9 being on offer by Mechatronik - a well known German restoration company (I think).


Browsing through the website will reveal at least five hundred Mercedes Benzes for sale, all neatly separated into models, and year of manufacture. However, there are many other features apart from cars for sale - for instance, there is a nice feature (two articles) on the race bred "battleship", viz. the brothers Behrmann's 6.3 fitted with a modified engine and presumably bored out to 6.9 liters - I think more like 6.8, but that's just of academic interest which could be regarded as a sister car to the red AMG 6.3, commonly referred to as "The Red Sow" - not my terminology. Regards Styria

After double checking this post, I have come to realize that the posting itself on the 6.9 does not allow you (no facility) to click onto the homepage from where you do all your net or site surfing. This link should provide you with that option.